‘Tabun is spaceship-modern but still cosy and intimate…what’s on the menu will be familiar, but the way they do things takes it to a whole new level…In a city where it feels like you really have tried it all, it’s great to come across somewhere you never thought of. And if all Palestinian food is this good, let’s roll it out.’

METRO, Nov 16

‘”The Udssieh Jerusalem-style – a hummus dip with cumin- spiced fava beans, chilli and garlic lemon dressing – was a revelation…The moutabal smoked aubergine with grilled chilli and lemon courgettes was another highlight…The staff is very warm and the food is definitely worth checking out and most likely will inspire you a culinary trip to Jerusalem.”

THE GUARDIAN, Soulmates, Nov 16

‘All dishes were packed full of flavour…The salads were spiced with sumac and punctuated by little explosions of pomegranate. The standout starter was the smoked aubergine, with its accompanying grilled chilli and lemon courgette salad that shone brightest….at lunch this would be an excellent place to grab a wrap filled with middle-eastern delights or a Manaeesh pizza fresh out the tabun.’


‘If, like us, you’re a fan of Ottolenghi, schedule a visit to Soho’s new Tabun Kitchen. Billed as “Jerusalem street food”, the cuisine’s favourite ingredients – pomegranate, labaneh, sumac, black sesame seeds and tahini – play a starring role on the menu, but it was the lamb makloubeh that had us scraping our plates. That and the insanely good manaeesh Palestinian pizza adorned with spinach, pine nuts and sumac. The tahini ice-cream is a must-have, especially when chased by a pomegranate Bellini. With its sleek decor and fresh flavours, Tabun Kitchen is a welcome addition to the Soho dining scene.”
Emerald Street, Oct 2016

Best for: Modern London meets authentic Palestinian with yummy dishes inspired by the founder’s own family recipes. Try their Jerusalem Falafel, Khubezeh Kale Salad or Moutabal (smoky aubergine dip). They’re to-die-for.
Womens Health April 16

‘Tabun Kitchen has arrived, here in Soho, serving up Jerusalem street food to knock your hummus-lovin’ socks off…New twists and new ideas shine through the more traditional home cooking of the region… it’s the Tabun touch. it was a perfect balance of snacky and totally fulfilling… and all utterly delicious. The food was comforting, full of Palestinian flavours and spices, and perfectly designed for sharing.’


It’s hard to put into words just how delicious the food is at Tabun. There are so many spices, ingredients, elements, and surprises in the food that you’re not exactly sure what you’re eating but then you don’t care because you’ve never experienced these tastes before…The Tabun Mojito – beefeater gin, tonic water, fresh mint leaves, lemon and rosewater – was thirst quenching and absolutely tasteful…The Spice Trip – rum, orange juice, chilli and watermelon juice – and the pomegranate bellini – are both on my must have list.

GAY UK, Oct 16

‘the hummus…was so good that it makes any hummus I’ve had in the past pale in comparison. Lamb Makloubeh saw golden rice, topped with spiced aubergine, cauliflower, broad beans, yoghurt, cucumber, pistachio, raisins, pine nuts and perfectly cooked tender lamb – a winning combination.’

The Handbook, Oct 16

‘Oh boy. I’ve got a lot of time for Tabun Kitchen…From the beautiful, homemade hummus down to the tender lamb, and amazing bread – the menu showcases Middle Eastern fare at its finest…The Jerusalem falafel was another tasty revelation – with a sumac onion centre, and a crispy, sesame coating. The moutabal was insanely good…The musakhan chicken…Oh man, the flavours are incredible. Don’t, for heaven’s sake, think about not ordering the za’atar fries. Make your tastebuds sing.’

About Time Magazine Feb 16

‘Bright, airy and cosmopolitan, Tabun Kitchen is a breath of fresh air in the Soho dining scene’

TownFish Aug 17

‘Super friendly staff, an array of flavours, and an atmosphere as warm and inviting as the delicious flavours on the menu, this place is a real winner.’

FoodNoise Aug 17

‘The flavours are comforting and homey but refined… Musakhan Chicken was beautiful. The chicken was tender and smoky and the flatbread, which was crispy-fried, was unbelievably moreish.’

Attitude, Nov 16

The Jerusalem Falafel are a must and will impress even the most ardent of falafel fans…The Pomegranate Bellini is dangerously good…you could be easily wooed by any of their cocktails, all of which are classics that have been given an exotic twist…’

StreetEats, Oct 16